Monday, January 12, 2015

A bit of progress on the island.

I'm focusing on making a playable alpha version this month: usability, balance, polish, a bit more content, stuff like that. I usually hate blogposts that are just a list but here you go.

Completed this week:
  • start screen
  • help screen
  • r.i.p screen
  • worldgen screen
  • death from too little food
  • death from too much food
  • death from too little water
  • death from too much water
  • death from too little stamina
  • death from too much stamina

Remaining to do items:
  • death from being too cold for too long
  • death from being too hot for too long
  • save
  • load
  • day/night transitions
  • map screen only shows what you have explored
  • show vague data instead of exact on play screen (morning instead of 6:42, hot instead of 98 deg, thirsty instead of 100/1000 etc.)
  • message log
  • instead of consuming the entire plant, place it - or parts of it - in inventory
  • eat parts of plants in inventory
  • replant plants from inventory
  • inland lakes and ponds
  • saltwater/freshwater
  • drinking freshwater is good, drinking saltwater is bad
  • rework and balance weather
  • rework and balance hunger, thirst, and exhaustion
  • make some plants grow next to same kind
  • add plant types and stats
  • status effects form stats being too low or too high for too long
  • status effects from eating certain plants
  • remove many hard-coded worldgen parameters
  • worldgen options
  • add caves
  • add ruins


  1. What are you coding this in? Java?

    1. Clojure. I've been playing around with it the last couple months.

  2. Keep up! It's been almost a month until update, so I hope you will get little motivation to continue.
    Maybe you need some fresh perspective on GD? Check out androidarts. Your colaboration could be epic.

    1. Yeah, I've been busy with side projects and other things in January but I've got time to focus on this again.

      I like your design notes for StarControl (I played quite a bit of The Ur-Quan Masters) and MOO (never played the original but I'm a fan of the 4X genre). Really neat stuff.

  3. Any updates? Hope you haven't quit :)

    1. I decided to take a break from programming for a while. But then I ended up prototyping another rogulike-ish project that I may blog about soon.

    2. I also want to show my support, as this project looked promising. Maybe next will find the daylight!

  4. please don't be dead
    please don't be dead
    please don't be dead

    1. No, I'm fine. I just got bored with this and I'm not sure if I'll come back to it or not.

    2. With this specific project? Game programming in general? Roguelikes? Giving world great blog? I can understand boredom, responsibilities, lack of motivation. Maybe you want talk a little? I found in your posts great knowledge and inspiration. Although I never finnished anything more than a game that is a mere clone of something, to my drawer - BUT - I developed myself as a programmer thanks to you. In beginning of my carrer you were a solid lighthouse to learn few important tricks&tips and avoid rotten code.

      I don't know you, but I believe in you being able to finish great games.

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