Sunday, October 30, 2011

Randomized metroidvania bugs

My last post had a bug where new regions may not connect to a neighboring room. I thought about fixing it before posting but decided to post it anyway. Now I hate buggy software as much as anyone, and this bug makes the map unsolveable since there can be rooms you can't get to, so why did I post it anyway?

  1. This is a work in progress and sometimes - most of the time - those are messy. Sometimes it's good to see how things are made, bugs and all.
  2. I already fixed it when I changed that part of the code for my next iteration.
So what caused the bug in the first place? I changed the code that connects a room when it is placed. I made it keep placing connections until the new room is connected to another room in the same region unless it was the first room in that region. Otherwise a room could be placed and it would connect to a neighboring room from a different region and not connect to a room in it's own region. If that was the room that had the key and it was locked with that corresponding lock, then there was no way to get the key. In fixing that bug I introduced a new one.

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