Monday, January 5, 2015

Hunger and thirst on the island

I didn't have much time this week but managed to change how elevation is handled and added some basic stats.

Hurting from walking on thorny bushes near a mountain.

There's still different levels of height in the lowlands but after a certain height (8 or 9 I think) it changes into solid mountain. I think it's a decent compromise that allows the simplicity of not having real z-levels but still having small slopes and mountainsides to dig through. Eventually the mountains will have caves and the lowlands will have ruins and other things to explore.

You can now eat plants to replenish your food, drink water to replenish your water, and sleep to replenish stamina. Thorny plants have a chance to reduce your hp when walking through them, tangled plants have a chance to prevent your from walking through them, and other plants will affect your hunger, thirst, and stamina when eaten.

Not bad for one month.

This month I'll focus on making a playable alpha version.

Vague to do list:
  • start screen
  • help screen
  • r.i.p screen
  • worldgen screen
  • death from too little food
  • death from too much food
  • death from too little water
  • death from too much water
  • death from too little stamina
  • death from too much stamina
  • death from being too cold for too long
  • death from being too hot for too long
  • save
  • load
  • day/night transitions
  • map screen only shows what you have explored
  • show vague data instead of exact on play screen (morning instead of 6:42, hot instead of 98 deg, thirsty instead of 100/1000 etc.)
  • message log
  • instead of consuming the entire plant, place it - or parts of it - in inventory
  • eat parts of plants in inventory
  • replant plants from inventory
  • inland lakes and ponds
  • saltwater/freshwater
  • drinking freshwater is good, drinking saltwater is bad
  • rework and balance weather
  • rework and balance hunger, thirst, and exhaustion
  • make some plants grow next to same kind
  • add plant types and stats
  • status effects form stats being too low or too high for too long
  • status effects from eating certain plants
  • remove many hard-coded worldgen parameters
  • worldgen options
  • add caves
  • add ruins


  1. Nice! I'll be following your progress and good luck!

  2. Ohhh man I am sooo happy you're back to blogging Trystan! Just discovered this today. I started reading your blog about a year ago and loved it. Lots of helpful stuff that helped me learn roguelike design and programming techniques in Java. Don't stop, I'll continue following what you do!

  3. Great blog! Keep up the good work. Your dungeon generation algorithm provided lots of inspiration for my own game.

  4. Hi Trystan, which graphics library are you using for this project? Those are beautiful visuals, IMHO :)

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