Monday, October 31, 2011

Randomized metroidvania 05: map specials

I was going to create the player and rooms to move around in but I decided to add a little more to the map. The very crowded map now shows bonus items in dead ends and secret rooms. You can also mouseover a room to see details about it's region, name, and contents.

There's a limited amount of keys and locks so if you add enough regions then you'll see "key #33" or something like that.

Here are some things I added:
    for each unlocked dead end, there's a chance of adding a random lock and bonus
    when placing a room, there's a chance of adding a secret room
    when placing a room, there's a chance of a name and or some item

I'm not sure what theme or items I want in the final game, the ones here are just examples. Once I get the mechanics figured out (like how to create an interesting map) then I can figure out what theme I want to have.

I think I've crammed all I can into the map for now; time to start on actual gameplay.

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