Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Randomized metroidvania 06: player in a room

I slept through my alarm this morning and woke up 4 hours after I should have been at work so I had a lot of time for this project today.

Time for the first steps to actual gameplay: a rectangle that can walk and jump around empty rooms. Press [m] to view the map.

Nothing exciting yet - just rooms with connections to the neighboring room. There's not even a way to go up stairs or anything so you eventually end up at a dead end. It was tricky getting the player to walk out one door and appear in the correct one in the correct room; it would have been easier to just create one huge map with the entire level but that would take a lot of memory and the camera would look into rooms you haven't been into yet. Next I'll add background graphics along with stairs and floors within each room; later the room sizes and shapes can be determined by the region. I'll also make sure the map only shows rooms you've been into and a few more tweaks. The really fun stuff will begin once I can generate some decent architecture. I should think of an overall theme I'd like to work with too.

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