Monday, March 11, 2013

Pugnacious Wizards day 2

Some good progress today:

I added bloodstains and variation among grass and trees. I also got the hero to use magic against wizards who defend the amulet pieces. Finally, I was able to add a few room themes. There are 8 total, but two are randomly chosen to not appear and one is chosen to appear more often than others. The current themes are:

  • An "A" room that spawns archers
  • A "G" room that spawns guards
  • A room covered in blood
  • A room littered with piles of bones
  • A room with some pillars or remains of walls
  • A room that occasionally shoots arrows from one of the walls
  • A room shoots arrows in 8 directions from towers every turn you are in the room
  • A nice outdoor area
I plan on continuing with the room themes and adding more trap effects and triggers as well as some simple puzzles.

I almost forget! You can get the code from It's not my best code, and I've had to some odd workarounds since I'm using a few bits of old code to do new things, but it works and some of it is ok.

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