Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pugnacious Wizards day 4

Very little progress today:

I had a social obligation which took up most of my evening. I did have some time to refactor the magic stuff. I'm still not entirely happy with how it's set up but now I can start doing more interesting things. Like the a new spell that teleports you then burns your surroundings or spell that freezes everyone near you then blinks you away. I'd like to come up with several spells that have three or four effects each. That's my goal at least.

Also tweaked the creature ai, removed some bad room themes, and other minor things.

As always, any feedback is welcome.

github source


  1. Been following since you started, i like how it is coming a long. It's shaping up well.

    Are you going to keep the 'dungeon' layout as a series of rooms like it currently is?

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty happy with how it's going so far too.
      I plan on changing the room themes and adding more trap effects and triggers, but I'll keep the "series of rooms" layout. It's different, space-efficient, and I just don't like big empty levels. What do you think of this layout?