Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pugnacious Wizards day 3

Some new content today but mostly polish:

I did add a few more room themes but most of my 5 or so hours was spent adding a help screen, an examine screen, and adding popups the first time you encounter major things like new rooms or enemies.

I won't have much time tomorrow but I'm going to focus on adding more interesting traps and puzzles over the next two days. That will leave Friday evening and Saturday to work on more interesting magic.

What do you think? Too confusing? Too simple? Too conventional? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hi!
    well done!

    here my thoughts:
    1) too confusing ? a bit. you could add a legend on bottom/right corner? maybe hideable using L key ?
    2) is not too simple, but heal spell is for sure useful :D too much I think! One bug: you you stand on a door, enemies don't attack you? And enemies don't go from room to room even if doors are burned?
    Blind spell.. I'm not sure what it does
    3) too conventional.. a little. If enemis could follow player in other rooms, could be more "open world", if there are more traps. For example: i walk into a room, see arrow trap. Okay, easy to avoid. But if a guard in next room follow me in arrow trap's room? Cool :D
    An useful spell could be create magical traps?

    For readibility, a more bigger chars? event x1,5 of current size on my resolution (1280x1024) could help

    1. Excellent points Gornova!
      1) I think I'll remove some room themes and improve the help. That should make it easier to understand. I may add a legend - that's a good idea.
      2) The magic spells are going to be changed quite a bit. Enemy AI also needs to be improved. I made some performance optimizations that should make it easier to have interesting AI.
      3) AI, magic, and traps are all going to change.
      As for making magic traps, I do plan on having some spells be time based. So you could cast a spell and in 10 turns (or whatever) it would go off. That's kind of like a trap. I'll think about it.