Sunday, December 21, 2014

Randomized plants on the island

The island now has some random plant life!

During worldgen a few dozen plant species are generated. Each species has an ideal elevation, precipitation, terrain type, and a few other stats. The world is then populated based on how well each species is adapted to each location.

Map view of the dominant flora of the island.

Each species also gets a few traits chosen at random. Here's a few examples:
  • Desert - they get a bonus for living in areas with low precipitation.
  • Red - changes the color a bit.
  • Stone - they get a bonus for living on stone.
  • Succulent - eventually, consuming them will give you more water.
  • Tangled - eventually, walking through them will have a chance of restricting your movement.
  • Thorny - eventually, walking through them will cause a small amount of damage.
Every turn some plants die and some plants are born based on weather, luck, and competition for space with other species. 

Top of a hill with few plants.
A light winter shower and more plants.

Part of surviving on the island will be finding what plants are useful. Which are safe to eat, which can be used to make poisons, which can be used to make rope or cloth, which should be avoided, etc.

There's no trees yet though. I'm not sure how I want trees to work so I'm saving that for later.